Started working on OUR DAUGHTER today, having finished the last bit of tweaking on the Summary yesterday. I’m actually pretty excited about watching this story unfold in prose. Katie and Larry have been swirling around in my head for over a year now, harassing me to get to work and put them down on paper. This is the part I really love about writing – being in that place, that zone, the creative – and I can’t really imagine doing anything else with my time.

So, here’s a toast to my latest project and all hope and grace to seeing you at the finish line (published). It is the process that is to be savored not so much the final outcome (but we all want that too).

I’m not sure how long this story will end up – either novel or novella length. I never really know. When I started out with SEEKING LIGHT AURORA I thought it would be a novel and it ended up being much shorter. But, that’s okay no matter where it ends up. I’m not a contract writer and would prefer not to be (not that I’ve had offers, mind you). I would much rather be beholden to my characters rather than a corporate entity that has it’s own motives at play.

And so it begins, another journey. Follow along with me as I progress through the first draft, I will keep you posted on how it goes. OUR DAUGHTER.

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