I’ve hit the second scene for OUR DAUGHTER and quickly realized I was horribly unprepared by the little bit of research I’ve done so far. I have located a promising source work, though, and will be skipping this particular scene and tomorrow will go forward writing the “regular” sections while reading through the background texts. There is primarily one text, but I will also provide the previous text I’ve used for the preparation of the Summary.

[So far, just after a cursory inspection of the table of contexts, this books is quite fascinating, not to mention will hopefully provide the information I need. You definitely would never hear about this book in mainstream Protestant circles today. It is a collection of Gnostic spells from the ancient world. It appears that those ancestors of our were quite okay with mixing Christian doctrine with Pagan cult magic. Should make for a good story. Fingers crossed.]





[This book, The Gnostic Handbook, was a good beginning resource put out by the Institute for Gnostic Studies. It provided a basic overview of the gnostic belief system itself.]

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