Got over the initial hurdle for OUR DAUGHTER, skipping scene two and going directly to scene three. As I posted yesterday, I’m now working through the book Ancient Christian Magic to get some background on spells, curses, etc so I know how to proceed with the story-line and develop some content to use. I’ve gotten through Chapter 1 of that book so far and it has been quite illuminating.

I think back to my decision to drop out of graduate school when I realized I had NO desire to be an historian. I love the research. I love the synthesis of the information. But I can’t stomach the documentation and the seriousness that academia takes. Everything is so controversial and political.

Fiction is so much different. I still get to do the research. Still get to synthesize. But no one cares about documentation and how serious can you take yourself as a storyteller? Really? At the heart of it, novelists are entertainers, so what does that tell you?

But, enough digression. I finished scene 3 today and will be moving on tomorrow. Check back often and I’ll keep you posted as I write.


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