Katie woke up today and hasn’t really gotten off to a good start. She’s in a lot of pain and things are really confusing for her. I’m sure she’ll pull through and get her bearings quickly. She’s a pretty resilient kid.

I got 1001 words written by 1pm. It’s been pretty hectic with it being Memorial Day and everyone is checking out. Lot’s of interruptions. No worries, though. Making some good money – more than we thought for this month. 😉

One nuisance has been the ding-er we use to alert us that someone has pulled into the parking lot. It keeps going off whenever the winds starts to blow and no one is there. It’s a really distraction. I’ve decided to move my “office” across the room and set up right in front of the big window, so I can see the entire parking area without needing the noise maker at all. This way a quick look will verify and I can just keep on writing or go out and help someone if it’s a legitimate client.

I thought today about what it might be like in the future if all I did for the day was write. A life where writing a scene, doing research, reading, etc was the bulk of my day. Going for walks to break it all up and to think through problem story-lines. What a life that would be.

Maybe someday. Ten more years. At least my current “day job” is leaps and bounds better than a regular worker job. I can’t imagine. Amanda Hocking was a caregiver during the day and then came home and wrote at night! No Way! I know what those jobs are like. That would be brutal. But, she made it. No more spitting her devotions now.

I better use my time wisely.

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