Almost didn’t make it today. Woke up in a pretty foul mood and by the time my morning routine was done I had nothing to show for it but a bad attitude and the urge to grab my backpack and head for the woods. Working with people is just not all that fun.

It is now 8:01 PM and I just finished 485 words on OUR DAUGHTER. Thank God. I was beginning to wonder there for a moment. I also got another scene edited on SEEKING LIGHT AURORA, my first novella. I imagine it will be released first, probably in the fall, maybe as late as January 2013. Just depends on how the edits shape up. They are the bane of my existence.  I wish I could just ship a rough manuscript off to someone else who could edit it up to perfection for me – no luck there, right? I suppose it’s good for me this way. I guess I would have to question my mental health if I actually enjoyed the editing process.

I’ve noticed Karii is getting a little angry today – actually just exasperated. She wants to get back on the road, but can’t. Truck won’t work. But to top it all off, the only mechanic is 200+ miles in all directions is an – what did she call him – a real asshole. 😉 I feel for her.

Katie, on the other hand has just met a man who melted her with just one look into his eyes. Too bad he’s married and she’s only 13. Such for fate, right? That’s alright. She’s got bigger problems anyway. Like trying to stay alive. Now that’s a lot for a 13 year old to try and deal with – the inkling of puppy love and someone trying to kill you. Yikes!

At the end of the day, I got to cross off my tasks as done. Until tomorrow.

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