I’m surprised I got over a thousand words in this evening. I seem to really be hit and miss for “when” I get my writing in each day. A few days this week I have knocked it out first thing before I even “go” to work (I work from home). Other days I just don’t feel like writing until the end of the day. I carry it with me like a package to be opened – I know I’m going to write today, I know I need to write – I’m just not going to do it right now. It works fine so far, as long as I actually get around to doing the actual writing.

As far as the scene is concerned, one word: nightmares.

Another topic that came up today for me personally was future options for a place to live. I’m torn between a mobile lifestyle and a “homestead” one. Both would be hermetic, but I’m really drawn to the idea of buying a small piece of land (preferably on a lake), and building myself a tiny (we’re talking 35-40 square foot) underground hermitage. I would grow my own food, would fish for meat and would have no vehicles (except for a canoe). I have a lake in mind, but the property would have to be under $20k to purchase and in the right location (where I could feasibly trail through by land to town and/or canoe across the lake to town). I would also want the property to have electrical and possibly satellite for internet (I wouldn’t need a television package). I could go shopping for supplies at the grocery store, get my mail at the post office, do my banking right there in town (and online), even if it took me half the day. I found a property for sale on a lake farther north for $15k, but the hike to town would be about 10 miles one way.

The other idea, of course, is a mobile cell – camper/truck combo living in the woods. Both have the pros and cons. Will just depend I guess. Either option is perfect for writing full-time. Wait, I think I’m already writing full-time.

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