June 1, 2012

Word Count: 905 Surgery

Right out of the gate this morning I plowed through almost a grand worth of words. I also had to do some hasty research on broken bones and options for fixing them. Plates, pins, external, internal – apparently there are several different options available depending on the situation. I went with an internal plate attached with screws. Of course, the patient didn’t care too much for my choice. 😉 But, who would, given her situation? Sadly, for her, things must only get worse before they can get better.

As for me, I’m still thinking about property and underground houses and living in tents and solitude and monkish isolation. Went looking for lots on the internet last night; there are several available, even on the particular lake I’m looking at, but only one I found in my price range. It would be pretty nice, but it is farther north and it would be a serious trek into town. But, if I were able to grow a garden and catch fish, then supplies would only need to be fetched once a month at most, maybe longer. One big issue, of course, is electricity. I need to power my laptop somehow and I’m not too keen on alternative energy, especially on the soggy, overcast coast.

But, we will see what this summer holds. I have a vacation day tentatively scheduled for July. Family members will be over at the lake at that time and I’ll hopefully be able to check out property for sale to get an idea. I might even email the local real estate company to see if they have any listings that are not online.



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