Monday mid-morning and I jumped back into the saddle again, knocking out 700 words and closing another scene in OUR DAUGHTER. It was between a couple – the couple that had kept this particular project on the back burner for nearly a year (aside from self-doubt burnout) simply because I couldn’t figure out how they both tied into the story. I was finally able to tie the woman into the main plot and now they are developing nicely.

I can see a lot of me (and my most recently relationship) in the husband. Always apologizing for pressing, for trying to be the mechanism for change – trying to help but inevitably just pissing her off. Ah the joys of relationships. I wonder if there really is such a thing as a “healthy” relationship.

This weekend was an unexpected time off from writing and/or researching. Mostly I surfed the net and watched whatever alien related movie was playing on television. I LOVE – I mean ABSOLUTELY love all of the Alien/Predator movies. Especially Alien 1, 2, and 3. I’m not as jazzed about 4, though it was still really good. Then Predator (not my favorite of the series), I skip over the sequel. Then all the AVP movies all rock – then we get to Predators (or Predator 3). This is, I would have to say, my all time favorite so far. I think they will only be getting better as time goes on. We’ll see. But that’s what I primarily did this weekend. And I think I will try it again next weekend, too. Just write five days a week. It’s not like I’m writing under contract or anything.

Also going back and forth on real estate. Found a listing for a lot on the coast. Pretty perfect location, though not zoned properly. The owner is saying, “Ah, just do what you want, don’t worry about the county, everyone else in the neighborhood is doing it.” Yeah, until I do it and then they shut all of us down. Then what? There is a secluded lakefront spot available but it is 15+ miles away from the grocery store, so it would take all day to walk there and back, and if I buy land I want to live without a vehicle. The real estate people on the other lake tell me there are no longer properties for sale less than $60k. I find this hard to believe, so I’m waiting until next month and will be spending a few days over there on vacation to scout it out. We’ll see. When the time comes maybe I’ll just opt for a float boat and then the entire lake is mine. Or better, just skip property altogether and stick with a truck/camper combo and have the entire continental US at my fingertips.

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.


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