I watched this program the other day for background information on my upcoming project WRITING TUCKER. I was shocked at how elaborate the means are that they use to keep government officials safe and how – despite all that effort – there have been several terrible screw ups over the years.

I’ll never look at the presidential limousine the same again, that’s for sure. It’s really just a tank in disguise. Good info I got was the tactics the Secret Service uses, such as having several different layers of security: from police on the perimeter, another layer of agents checking bags, another checking for weapons, yet another in direct contact with the person being protected – on top of the they have teams of counter snipers out beyond the perimeter.

It’s amazing how much they have changed in just the last 20 or 30 years because of the people that have been able to penetrate those security layers and attack. All, apparently, have been lone gunmen. So much for conspiracy, right?

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