So, I set up this website not too long ago, just about the time I made the decision to write and publish at least 10 books that have been bouncing around in my head for the last few years. And here is the website. You’re reading a post on it right now.

I also went to work and set up a facebook account: IsaacHunterBooks. Pretty standard, right? I then set up a fan page called IsaactheWriter. So far, so good. Even went to the trouble of verifying my account with my cell phone and having them ring me up to give me a code and all that annoying crap.

Well, they at first were a little irritated because I wanted them to call me instead of sending a text. That is right – I do not have text service on my cell phone. I don’t want it. I don’t text people and I surely don’t want to pay when people mistakenly text me. So I shut it off. Simply. Apparently not for Facebook.

Out of the clear blue, Facebook is now seemingly doing random tests where you have to re-verify your account with your cell phone. They initially send a text and (of course) it doesn’t go through. When I try to have them call me, they come back and say, “Our servers are too busy, try again later.” I try a few more times and now I’m locked out, waiting for Facebook to get their act together and clear my attempts – apparently I should not be in a rush to get to my account.

I’m about “this” close to scuttling my facebook account altogether. I really think it will be gone in a few years, just like MySpace, especially after their implosion on the stock market the other day. I think Facebook is a one hit wonder and will soon die a quiet death.

Maybe I’m wrong, but until they figure it out, I’m locked out anyway. Hope everyone can find my website. 😉


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