June 7, 2012

Movie Review: The Thing

Last night there was nothing on television, so I dug into my “archives” and pulled out this beauty. I was attracted to it when I first watched the trailer, unsure of where I had seen the leading actress before, but then it dawned on me.

Live Free or Die Hard.

That’s right, lady’s and gents, it’s none other than Mary Elizabeth Winstead, the hottest girl in the world, right?

Apparently this is a “prequel” but I don’t see it. It is a remake of The Thing by Carpenter in 1982. Well, I never actually saw that first version. But watching the trailer is hilarious because the dialogue is almost exactly the same as the new one.

Despite this, the one with Winstead is SO MUCH BETTER. First off, she’s in it and she’s much better to look at than Kurt Russel. Second, it has better special effects and you need that for a film like this. Lastly, it’s an all around entertaining movie, even though it is not as who done it as I thought it would be. You know right from the start what’s going on, you just got to buckle up for the mayhem.

If you haven’t seen it and can’t find anything to watch on television – get it. You won’t be sorry. I wasn’t.

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