Had a few minutes to kill and wanted to quickly post a review about the greatest TV show in the world: THE WALKING DEAD!

That’s right. I said it. The greatest!

If you haven’t seen it yet, you owe it to yourself to go back and watch it from season 1 episode 1 and enjoy the horror of it all. Put yourself in their bloody shoes and try to keep lunch down. It’s going to be a bumpy, relentless, and all around tragic ride.

One day I was talking with my cousin and I don’t even know how the subject came up, but he mentioned the show. It had been on for one season by then and I gobbled them up, then desperately waited for season two. Now I’m waiting for season 3.

I’m a big fan of zombie movies anyway, but this series takes the cake. It’s got great characters like Rick, Shane, Dale (who’s dead), Daryl (who’s my favorite), Lori, Andrea – and the list goes on. Not to mention the very last episode of season 2 introduced a new character I’m dying to know more about: the samurai sword wielding, zombie chain gain dragging Michonne.

I don’t read comic books so I knew nothing about the story before the tv series came out. From what I understand the show is only loosely based on the comics.

I gotta tell you – it is the very best in television entertainment.

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