I only got 500 words written today because chaos ensued rather early. It was actually good for the most part. My business partner was fighting with his wife so, needles to say, he was in a terribly nasty mood when he showed up for work. We also got our new signs in from the press, which turned out excellent and I wanted to get them up as quickly as possible. Fought with the only screws we had, ended up cutting them in half so they wouldn’t go through the plywood and into the sign on the other side. Got em up, though, and I think they look splendid.

We also had a busy day today with clients. Lot’s of coming and going, lots of hands on appointments, which made me very tired by closing this afternoon. It’s nice to be laying back in bed as a write this. My body aches. After all winter of slow traffic, spring/summer kills me every year.

I also got sidetrack by a particular symbol I need to describe. It has to be gnostic in use, but not too Satanic. I think I’ve ended up on using the inward spiral. Not sure how I’ll actually draw it, but I’m sure it will be on the cover somehow. Maybe I’ll represent the symbol on the cover by a tornado from the top view looking down into the eye. That would be interesting – like this is the view seen just before being sucked down into the Ether.

I’ll have to play around with that one. For now, though, it’s time to find a good movie.

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