This movie is a great next step in the Alien/Predator franchise(s) we’ve all grown to love. Who know the aliens were bred as a hunting species so the Predators would mark a right of passage for their species?

And a pyramid that resembles the architectural cultures of all ancient civilizations? Talk about going back to Babel.

This movie, I have to say, is well done and quite entertaining. The best part, though, is the moment the guy finds something in the shack at the whaling village and – of course we all think it’s an alien or a predator, but – it is a penguin instead.

If you haven’t seen this movie then you need to see it. But don’t be a dork. Start at the beginning and watch them all. Better yet, put them together and watch them chronologically – that will trip you up. Did you realize Ripley is actually still alive, living on planet earth? At least, her clone is, hundreds of years after she died.

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