Just finished watching this one and have to admit – good freakin’ flick.

Now, I will warn all of you who are offended by overtly sexual content and/or excessively crass humor. There is a lot of it. Actually, they don’t really “show” any sex, just talk about it. The humor, though, I think was a little over the top. Yes, it was a detractor for me. You know what I mean. Those punchlines that really are unnecessary but service only as a means to an end. Those comments that only make people laugh because they really shouldn’t be saying such things in the first place. It’s not really funny – it’s actually a bit disgusting – which is what makes it impossible not to laugh at, or at least crack a bewildering smile. I think this movie could have been tons better without it.

Given the above, though, and the fact that this was yet another in a long line of Freaky Friday ripoffs, Change-Up did what it was supposed to: it made me laugh.

Being a divorced man who once had a life much like Jason in this film, I can really relate to his life in Ryan’s shoes (body). Granted, I would not spend my time having sex with an endless string of women (but, now that I think about it, neither did Jason), but I can attest to how much better life is as an unencumbered single man, as opposed to a man with a wife, children, and a boss to report to every weekday and also on the weekends. No thanks.

If you haven’t seen it yet, and you think you can stomach it, watch this flick.

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