June 12, 2012

Movie Review: Aliens

This movie has been on the Syfy Channel quite a bit lately. Well, so have all the other alien movies for that matter. But this one I think is oh so very good. I could watch it over and over again and never get tired of it.

The idea of being suspended in sleep for 57 years while you drift through space is quite amazing. Also, the alien was on board with her the entire time, so that means it can last – what – indefinitely without food or water?

Paul Reiser does an excellent job at portraying the greedy middle manager who is just out to make a name for himself with the “company.” We also get a great performance by previous terminator star, Michael Biehn.

It always surprises me when I remember that Ripley actually did end up back on earth to live out the rest of her life – not quite. It was after almost 300 years from the time the crew of the Nostromo set down on that Ripley actually made it back to earth, but of course, she’s a clone of herself, the real Ripley committing suicide in Aliens 3 (oh, spoiler).

This second installment is a great return to the planetoid LV-426 for a second chance at the lizard like buggers who cause so much ruckus the first go around.  Was she successful? Did she kill them all? Well, of course not all, otherwise there would not be Aliens 3, 4 or any of the AVP movies!

But if you haven’t seen it you really, really should. It’s worth it. Do yourself a favor and just settle in one weekend for an alien/predator marathon and watch them all.

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