June 12, 2012

Movie Review: Unstoppable

This movie was a surprising treat. I never knew trains could be so fun to watch as they hurdle down a track toward a large city carrying hazardous cargo, but – oh wait – there is no one at the wheel.

Denzel does an outstanding job in this flick as a man who has made a few mistakes in his life. His wife is gone, his daughters are strippers, he’s about a day and a half away from the unemployment line. Yet, he has no problem rising to the need at the moment it arises, taking on the brute force of a runaway locomotive.

I still don’t understand all the people in charge of running a train or how it actually works. Engineers, conductors, guys in helicopters, idiots who put trains into drive and then get off the train thinking they could haul their fat butts back on again – go figure, right?

I’ll tell you, though, if you have not seen this movie yet – don’t walk, run to your nearest video store (wait, I just dated myself), I meant to say Red Box and get this film and watch it.

It is crazy good.

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