One of the best movies EVER! Mila Kunis – do I need to say more? There was, again, nothing on tv tonight. So, about 8:30pm I started searching my library for a movie to watch and when I stumbled onto this one I thought, “Now there is a movie I could get into.”

There is a little too much gratuitous sex for my taste, a little too verbally graphic just for the shock value. But, besides this, the idea of the movie is first rate. And, do I need to say it again: Mila Kunis? I’ve been secretly in love with her ever since That 70’s Show.

Also, there is a scene in the movie where these two are at his dad’s house in LA on the beach. This is why I love movies. They never take into account reality. Perfect example is this scene. They are making out in the middle of the night and you can see the beach behind them outside a full sliding glass door. In the movie the beach is conveniently empty. The reality is, the beach would have people walking up and down all night long and everyone could see right in through this giant glass door. There were no curtains! Give me a break. Do people really live like this?

Other than this, I have to say, it was a very good choice tonight. So good I skipped putting this movie on my recently watched list and it went straight to review.

My favorite scene: their very first date and the very end of the movie, in the diner after they order. I think it was hilarious! Don’t know what I’m talking about? I guess you will have to watch it yourself to find out.


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