I didn’t write as many actual words this morning, though today was still a very productive day for my book OUR DAUGHTER. As a writer of fiction (who does not travel in real life) I absolutely LOVE Google Maps and especially Street View.  I have used it to place a scene in an authentic context and it is so easy. No longer do you have to live in Paris for a summer or travel to some out of the way hole in the wall because your story takes place there.

With Google Street View, I can literally drive around any major town in the US and many places around the world without ever leaving my sofa (where I write). Well, actually, it’s not a sofa, it’s my bed. Actually it’s just a cot. But if I had a place of my own, I would certainly have a sofa. But then again, if I had a sofa I would not have an actual bed (or a cot), because I would sleep on the sofa. 😉

This is why I plan to retire to a small RV. I like to have everything for my entire day (and night) pretty much within arms reach at any time. I a pickup camper, I can sit up from my bed/sofa and reach over to the kitchen and get something out of the fridge. I can take a step or two and – whammo – I’m in the bathroom. What else could you possibly need?

Right now I’m living in a 900+ square foot space and I take up about 25 of it. The rest is just empty. Luckily it is used for the business so it doesn’t go to waste.

Anyway, this morning I was tooling around Irving Park, Chicago – just off Horner Park. Looks like a pretty nice place. The rent is relatively cheap. Larry has a condo in the area, right across the street from the park – which is why he bought there. He works right down the street at the hospital.

What does he do? Well, I guess you’ll have to read my book to find out! 😉 While you’re waiting for me to finish OUR DAUGHTER, you should check out SEEKING LIGHT AURORA, my novella. It should be out soon, as I’m finishing up the editing now on it. It’s an exciting little spinner I think.

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