It’s Tuesday and I’m coming off of my second self-forced weekend from writing. In theory I like the idea. But Monday came and I did NOT want to write at all – and didn’t. This morning, though, I was ready and willing and knocked it out first thing out of the gate.

I’m not sure if my eagerness was due to the three day break over the weekend or getting sleep for the first time in weeks. Last night I settled in after “work” was over and by 7:30PM I was catching myself falling asleep in mid type while working on one of my websites. Finally I just put the netbook down and climbed under the covers. After getting through a few pesky interruptions (phone call, knock at the door, etc) I fell fast asleep and didn’t wake up until my alarm went off at 4:40AM. I also had a dream for the first time in months! Could I have been sleep deprived?

I’m still working on the current scene. The character got home and has discovered that not everything is as he thought it was. He very much loves his life, but there are struggles he has to contend with, a few of which are horribly out of his control – he just has to deal with them and try to make the best of a bad situation.

I hope to finish up the scene by tomorrow. Time to kick this story in the butt and get it written.


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