So, I’ve had Holly Brook’s album, “Like Blood Like Honey” on repeat shuffle for the last three days non-stop. There is something so hypnotic about this girl’s voice. Oh my God! Make it stop! I feel like a sailor being slowly and melodically lured into the sea by this beautiful siren, only to be drowned and dashed to pieces on the rocks.

I’ll have to admit, I felt the same way when I discovered Avril Lavigne for the first time. That was right after my divorce, when I was homeless and tooling around, just trying to sort everything out in my head. But this girl (who now goes by Skylar Grey), she has something very, very special in that voice.

There is something so captivating about moody girls singing about how horrible life is. Dark, depressing – man, this is right up my alley. Guess I officially have a soft spot for Holly. 😉

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