Fourth day in a row writing, and I’m able to knock out a grand of words without too much trouble at all. Getting up at 5am is working well, though I can’t seem to force myself to go to bed before midnight. Needless to say, I have four alarms set to go over at a few minute intervals each. It may not be perfect but it works and that’s all that matters.

My character today saw the home for the first time. What a terrible situation to find yourself in. No family. No friends. Utterly snatched out of your old life and now having to scramble to get your bearings without any say in where you will live or who you will live with. Now Katie is in a new home, a strange family, soon to be starting a new school. I think that is entirely too much change, especially for a 13 year old (I think that’s how old she is at least, about that age).

I really enjoy how, even though I start out with a basic idea and shape it into a somewhat detailed and polished summary outlining each scene, when I actually sit down and start writing, there is so much more detail that comes out that I was completely unaware of. It’s great.

Well, off to work. I’ll be back in about 30 minutes to do my edits on SEEKING LIGHT AURORA. I’m so close to finishing this edit I can’t hardly stand it. Maybe I’ll finish today. That would be wonderful.


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