I just finished off the second draft for SEEKING LIGHT AURORA and I’m very pleased. Although it was never initially intended to be a novella, I think it turned out very well. Stories (at least for me) have a way of writing themselves, whether I want it that way or not. I doubt that this one would have made a good novel. Possibly in a sequel for it; I’ve been bounding some ideas around. Who knows. It all depends on if it rises to the surface.

Now I’ve got an audio read to go through on this project. Got a great little program so my computer reads the text to me – her name is Kate and she’s English. 😉

Then I think it will be a format and polish read through and then it will be ready for release. I don’t think I will be doing any major marketing work for the book. I will save that for when I have three to four titles available, then I’ll do some sort of big blitzkrieg. Until then, spread the word.


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