Knocked out a grand of words this morning in less than an hour. I was pleasantly surprised. I’m really excited about starting a new round of edits on SEEKING LIGHT AURORA. I’m also amped about possibly bartering with a client over an outstanding debt he has. Might get a pistol for it. We’ll see if he’s willing to play ball. 🙂

Have you ever found yourself in an unexpected situation where things really shouldn’t be as they are. Whatever it is – whatever the circumstance – things are just a little too spooky for mere coincidence?

Katie just stumbled into a situation like that today. But this guy seems really nice and friendly. But she can’t shake the feeling that there is something horribly, horribly wrong. What makes matters worse is she has no control over any of it!

Fixed the water bottle situation today. Pulled the cap off and filled the five gallon jug from the hose outside. Now I’m leaving it open for the nasty chemicals to evaporate out, then I’ll switch the empty out with this one; I’m hoping it will taste alright. Would love to shuck the $20/mth water bill. Also on the proverbial chopping block: cell phone (don’t need it), tv/internet/phone bundle (going just to phone for business), and when the contract ends, the phone book advertising. Going to television, baby!

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