I only got 577 written this morning. I have a client coming in early this morning (supposedly) and then I have to make a run to the bank – all before 8am. Then I have about 6 clients to take care of for the morning rounds. Yikes! It sure would be easier to just live in an RV in the woods and the only pressing thing on my schedule for the day would be knocking out 3000 words, then relax and read, go for walks and watch tv. What a life that would be, eh?

Amazon sent me an email yesterday – something about a payments system. I logged in and there was no money in there and logged out. Didn’t think anything about it. Well, their system apparently decided they needed to test my checking account and so now there is a $1 charge on my checking account now. This of course took $1 dollar too much out of my account, which is zeroed out after my business partner and I get paid each month, throwing it into overdraft mode. Thank God I have weekend deposits to make that will cover it.

I’m still a little worried about this preauthorization from Amazon, though. Stupid computers.

Also, this weekend, I found someone online from my past who I haven’t seen or spoken to in about two – maybe three – years. The person is getting near that age where they will be out on their own and it’s a little sad for me to see them turning out the way they are. Makes me question everything I thought I knew about my life when our circles crossed. Makes me wonder if I wasn’t completely delusional during that time of my life – that what I thought was real was just my mind telling me what I wanted to believe and see. If so, how can I ever trust my own emotions ever again?

Simple answer: I can’t.

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