This has really started out to be a good day. Business is good. I was able to jump right onto my writing this morning and knocked out over a thousand words in an hour, with plenty of time to write this post and finish up all the odds and ends before I head out to do my morning work/rounds.

I have several projects going on right now for work. I’m designing a flyer/brochure to be distributed at several other businesses in town (where our clients frequent). We also got an order of roofing in yesterday, so I’ll most likely be starting the install on that today. Will be saving the business about $3000 doing it myself. Plus there is no rush to get it done (we have all summer) and we don’t have to have the money all up front. This $1000 load alone should fix the leak problem (fingers crossed). I also plan to build a desk/counter today. Have the plans all drawn up, just have to get to cutting and nailing. To buy a receptionist desk would cost me $300 or more. To build it will cost less than $100.

So Katie is meeting the family for the first time today. It was interesting how she met Diana in such a different way than I had expected – and so different from the summary script I had written out. Originally they were supposed to meet in the front yard, but now it’s all changed around and at the last second, too. Interesting.

Also scrapped Patrick’s entrance in exchange for a different one. Just didn’t flow with the storyline (shrug). So be it. He’s going to be an interesting dynamic in any case. I’ve already got ideas for a sequel called OUR SON. But I’m getting way ahead of myself with that one.

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