I’m really thankful I decided to do my writing in the mornings and started getting up at 5am, otherwise I would never get it done. Today I spent the day finishing the receptionist desk/counter for the new office – adding vertical supports, nailing, then I busted out the paint and had enough for two coats. I planned on putting the third glossy coat but ran out of time. Not to mention I was dead tired by that point. Also got the lattice and 2×2’s so I can put together the fencing and gates.

As for OUR DAUGHTER, things are coming alone nicely. Not really comfortable saying too much more than that. I’m struggling to start the new edits on SEEKING LIGHT AURORA, not sure why. I think I need to have two or three manuscripts at the editing stage so I can cycle through them. This way I can avoid burnout.

On a sad note: I’ve been watching a new series lately called Hit & Miss about a transsexual hit woman who takes on raising three kids. It is absolutely great, except that it’s already over. There were only 6 episodes for season 1 and no one seems to know if it will have a season 2. That is total crap on a cracker if you ask me.

I guess I’ll have to dig into the archives and pull out some episodes. I think I’ll start Hit & Miss fresh from episode 1, since it’s alread over.

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