I’m not actually the one coughing, but a client came in today with the symptoms of the flu. Sure enough, said he got a flu shot and now he’s sick. No thank you.

I didn’t think I would be able to finish my grand of words this morning. Had an early morning client scheduled, but then came in at ten after six, so I got them taken care of and went back to smashing keys. I now have two minutes to spare before I need to be out “on the line,” getting everything set up and ready for today.

OUR DAUGHTER is really starting to take shape – the characters, I mean, are starting to form their own unique personalities. Much different than I had first envisioned. Some people are much nicer than I expected. Katie, the lead character, reminds me of someone that used to be in my life. Of course, the name came from a “business associate” I gave the boot to when I first took over the business. She was a nightmare – and let me just leave it at that. I’m not sure where I got the last name Cadora.

Hopefully, I can get the receptionist counter/desk finished today, installed, and then get started on the barrier between the waiting room and the rest of the facility. The client who came in this morning, not only did I not add up the total right (I can adjust it but still), but they are a real handful. It will be a long few weeks with them on the rolls.

Off to have fun. I just hope I can get some editing done sometime today.

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