So, I stumbled through 647 words this morning. First problem was I got sidetracked by organizing my clothes and books into my new counter/receptionist/desk area and got everything sorted/situated between that and the closet. Problem is, I didn’t get started on OUR DAUGHTER until well after 6:30am. It also didn’t help that I’m struggling to reconnect Moreen with Katie – trying to figure out how she will do what she’s going to do and how it will impact everyone else around her. Oh, yeah – and try to make it credible, too.

I’m often plagued with self doubt and a nice heaping of self-loathing, too. At times, I just want to ash can the whole ball of wax – forget writing altogether. Then at other times, like last night when I was working through the edits on IN THE MEADOW, I really found an inspiration. I really liked what I had written.  Leave it to this morning to have a nice, heaping slice of humble pie.  😉

Well, on a lighter note: the new office space is coming alone nicely. I’ll be putting up barriers and gates today. I mis-measured yesterday. Stupid. Cut two sections of 2×2 to 1 ft when they were supposed to be 1 ft 7 inches. What an idiot, right? Oh well. I went out this morning and measured up again. I will have just enough to do the two panels, and one gate, which, in reality, is all I want to do right now. Once I get the other room finished, so I know how wide to make the other gate, then I’ll build the last gate and the new office will be done.


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