Had to do background research on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome this morning, so I was only able to get 760 words written before my 7:20 am cutoff. Now I’ve got to knock out this post, tidy up the office, and then head out for my morning chores. I have no one scheduled to come in today, only one tentatively scheduled for a pickup, but the day has a tendency to change rather quickly.

OUR DAUGHTER is coming together rather nicely. The loose ends keep getting tied off and I’m plunging ahead. I’m still having trouble getting my edits in during the day. I’m really at a stand still since I finished the last round with SEEKING LIGHT AURORA. I need to get on it, but I have to cut myself some slack, as I’ve been pretty busy getting the office set up/moved over. Hopefully things will slow down soon. We have a new phone now (the number has not yet switched over though) and a new printer. The receptionist desk/counter is all but finished, the first security gate is up, even have a display area ready for products to put out for sale (have to get some products, though).

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