Had a great morning! I struggled to get started on the next scene, but once I did, it just poured out. Not to mention, I also got an email from someone who has a sofa they are getting rid of. Only $60 and they will deliver it this evening after we close. You can’t beat that with a stick. From the pictures, it looks like a really nice one. Much better than the first one I was looking at.

So, I wrote about a witch this morning – a Wiccan, to be more exact (not that there is much of a difference – also someone had what appears to be a breakdown. Also a kid came into the hospital flying high on something but they had to put him on a hold to rule out some sort of mental illness and/or until the test results come back for drugs in his system.

All in all, it was a great morning. Now I just need to put aside enough time to do my edits. I’ll settle for edits on either book, but I would prefer SEEKING LIGHT AURORA, since it can be published quicker.


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