Not as productive as yesterday morning, but I can’t really complain. I have a client coming in early so it has me a little distracted. Plus it is scheduled to be a busy day with several people coming in for the weekend.

I did get almost 900 words written this morning, though. It’s slower sometimes, as I try to wrestle with the storyline in mid-write-mode. There are holes in the story I didn’t know existed when I finished the summary and it takes extra time to fill those in and find connections so everything flows smoothly. Things like: Katie was supposed to meet Cassy at their lockers in school, but instead they are actually now meeting on Saturday out front of Katie’s house to go to the mall and hang out. Between these two I have to figure out how to get from A to B. With only an hour to write in the morning, it can prove difficult to fill my quota every day.

It’s working well, though, so far. I crossed the 100 page mark the other day and still going strong. I imagine I’ll have the first draft completed by the end of July, maybe it will be available for release by the fall. All depends on how long it takes to do the rewrites. By the way edits seem to creep along, it will be the fall of 2022. 😉

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