I talked yesterday about having to reshuffle and whatnot. Well, I spent most of this morning sorting out the outline so everything flowed relatively smoothly, then I went back and knocked out part of the next scene before running out of time. I was also side-tracked by the threat of rain. I was lucky the sensor out by the gate did not get too wet last night, but it’s pretty cloudy and grey out there still, so I didn’t want to take any chances. It’s certainly not waterproof.

I used a milk carton and carved a little hat for the thing, which seems to fit rather nicely. Later on today I plan to nail it onto the upright so it hangs a little more forward for added coverage. I imagine it will do the job, even if it is quite rudimentary. I’m certain I will need to upgrade to a new gate sensor eventually, just not until absolutely necessary. With the new office, I only have to be alerted when I’m out with clients, so it’s not a top priority.

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