I wasn’t able to do any writing yesterday. I tried to my morning routine early so I could mow the field but the mower wouldn’t start. So I waited until I got a new one brought in, then had to unload the truck in and around clients. Had one tour to do, then suddenly realized it was after 6pm. Managed to get the field mowed, though, by 7pm! Glad I did, too, because it rained overnight and now everything is wet. Got it done just in time.

I got a late start this morning because my alarms didn’t go off. Luckily I have four total set between two different alarms and the last one did actually go off at 5am. I also had extra office work to do, so I didn’t get started writing until 6:30AM, which cramped how much I could actually knock out. It wasn’t a bad amount to round out the week.  I’m up to 125 pages now on OUR DAUGHTER.

It’s going to be a busy weekend, so I doubt I’ll get much done.


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