I managed to knock out my grand of words this morning, even though I seem to be freezing from the inside out. Not sure what happened, but at some point last night, I turned on the fan sitting next to my “bed.” I woke up this morning freezing! Ever since then I feel cold. Really cold.

Katie and Cassy are about to get down to business and figure out what’s going on. I really like Cassy. Poor girl has a crush on a boy who could care less. And I never knew that Katie could care less about boys altogether. No, she’s not a lesbian – at least, I don’t think so. I’m sure we’ll find out one way or another in the sequel: OUR SON.

I’ve been working like a dog over the weekend on improvements for the business. Painting, building, too much to do and altogether too little movie and tv show watching. I can’t wait until everything gets updated and I can relax.

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