I only got about half of my goal this morning due to an unexpected call I had to place to Walmart to figure out what’s wrong with my new laptop order. I guess the case coming with it was on backorder, so it won’t be shipped out now until the end of the month. The end of the month! Thank God I’m not high and dry and my netbook is running fine (fingers and toes crossed always).

I have to go get started on my morning chores, plus there is still a little more painting to do and we have all the sheeting now for the new addition – hope to get that all done today. Only one client coming in and one client leaving. Slow days are great. I can’t wait until all the remodeling is done. Back to the old routine of relaxing, lounging, writing, watching movies. That’s the lifestyle I’m aiming for.

The story line in OUR DAUGHTER is starting to pick up now. I’m excited. After yesterday, I’m actually thinking about rolling right into OUR SON – the sequel. It will be interesting to see where the story goes from there. I know of one person already who will be killed off. And Katie is a completely different girl than I first imagined. 😉

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