Wow, what a morning!

I got up feeling pretty good and sat down at my desk and, after my morning paperwork, jumped right in and knocked out twelve hundred words in less than an hour! Needless to say, things are heating up in the world of OUR DAUGHTER.

That nagging voice was at me this morning, though. Gently tugging on me as I write, telling me my writing is crap, that I’m no good. No one will buy a single book……

Lovely, my laptop just seized up on me and I had to restart.

….where was I? Oh, yeah. The voice. I hate having to put up with it all the time. At least, this time around, it is quiet most of the time and doesn’t get in the way as much as it used to. I keep telling myself to just get the books ideas I currently have written down and published. That’s about 10-15 books. So far I have three manuscripts (four, if you count neo-first manuscript I wrote a few years ago), and there are a few already clamoring to be written next.

Had to toss a dead cat this morning. Didn’t care much for that at all. Someone hit it on the road out in front of the business. I forgot to get rid of it yesterday morning, so it was already stiff. It was jet black.


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