This post is getting out a bit late this morning. I had quite a lot on my plate to get done and managed to get it all accomplished. Had to tear out a wall, go to the bank, check out a client, check in two clients, get our internet fixed, and also do my morning rounds somewhere in all that, too. Managed to get it all done and it’s still only 11am.

I knocked out my grand of words this morning before going to the bank. I just forced myself to write. I didn’t care what it was I was saying, I just put it in gear and started tearing up the keyboard and before I knew it, there it was, a big pile of words. I also managed to come up with another tie in that I rather like. The story line is pretty much solid from the second half of the book to the end, but making the connection between the first half and second half has proved a bit tricky. It would be fine if the story had stayed on course, but as I wrote it veered off a little. No biggy. Makes it fun.

Now I have to finish some remodeling I’ve been working on and also try to hack away at my To-Do-List.

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