August 9, 2012

Movie Review: Hunger Games

I took yesterday and today off of writing to have a much needed break and to sort some things out. I also spent the time watching this new movie that came out not too long ago. It was – at best – entertaining. At worst – well – just not so good.

I will say it was not nearly as bad as I first expected it to be. It did keep my attention; at this I was surprised. I can’t imagine a civilization like this, though, yet I’m sure it’s at lease loosely based off of the Roman Empire in one way or another. It reminded me of such, at least.

The advanced technology was a surprise, and it made it a little corning for it all to be a tv show, with horribly poor people in District 12 watching the “games” on projection screens in their shacks. Come on. That wasn’t thought out too well. But I suppose you could pick apart anything. I’ve already found a horrible flaw in The Walking Dead that undermines the entire premise of the story, but who cares.

This was a well made movie and it was entertaining. Isn’t that what movies are supposed to do? I imagine the book(s) are better.

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