So I finished the fourth edit on SEEKING LIGHT AURORA and started on the fifth. I just can’t seem to get it right. I think it has more to do with my lack of confidence, really, which sends me back again and again to change the text, edit, switch things around, etc. One of these days I’m going to have to just take the plunge and say enough already – just release it. My target date for final release on Amazon Kindle is December 31st at 11:59PM.

On a brighter side of things, I started a new book project the other day and ramped it up yesterday – started working on the first chapter. I’m at a quandary, though, as it is not necessarily a fiction book – at least, not a novel by any sense. I’m struggling, though, in if I should release it under my name or under my pen name (the one I release my other non fiction book under). The subject matter would fit pretty well with what I write now, but it does have a slight twist. I certainly don’t ever imagine writing an actual novel in this genre. It’s just too out there and in your face. I do love watching it, though. I have all the movies and the latest tv series on it is the best; I just watch the episodes over and over again through the week. I have them memorized. I’m tempted, though, to release it under my name and on this site. But I go back and forth on it. Not sure what I’ll end up doing yet.

Lastly, my business (day job) just drove itself off a cliff last month. I’m still not sure entirely what happened. It may have been a series of inherited events that led up to this final outcome – a transformation of the status quo. I do believe I know what the problem is. I think the product is overpriced for our geographic area. I was not responsible for the price raising (previous owner was), but I think this drove clients away over this last year and Nov was the tipping point where business should have picked back up after the fall slump but did not. I have been feeling a lot of hesitancy from leads on the phone and so I’ve tested a few callers with some discounts and they have so far responded quite favorably. We will see if they fallow through and buy. If they do, I think I will roll out the discounts for everyone, or maybe just leave it as a carrot for new clients and keep anyone who is willing/happy paying full price alone.

On a side note, I’ve been thinking about retirement alot lately. I think I’ve really been going about it all wrong. I really like the idea of creating a buffer. I have experienced it this last month with the unexpected downturn. Here is the current scenario: 1. I spent the last year getting out of debt to where I have ZERO debt now to my name 2. I have about $20k stashed in my 401k that I saved from 2011. This is my buffer. If the worst case occurred and I was out on the street (business fails), then I would simply cash in my 401k and this would provide me with at least 2 years of expenses. Simply put, I’ve never experienced this kind of buffer before. I don’t think you could imagine how excited I was at the prospect of my business failing and me being able to go out, live a normal life (well, my life) for 2 entire years without working. I could move back to my dream town, rent a tiny bedroom or get an RV and rent an even cheaper RV spot, and take my time finding a job that was the right fit. For my expenses I wouldn’t need full time (thought I would try to find one), I don’t need health insurance (already have it free for life), and my expenses stay insanely low no matter how much I make, so I would back the difference and enjoy watching that buffer grow. With no ratty kids and no endlessly nagging wife to contend with, no pets, no familial obligations, I would be living in paradise, writing on my off hours, and living on a shoestring. I would never again be beholden to any individual job because I would have that nest egg growing in the bank. I’ve literally never had that before, always living month to month, hand to mouth.

It is a radically new feeling, having money in the bank.

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