Last night I declared I was starting a 100 Novel Challenge for 2013 (starting today). Here is the current list I’ll be reading from, though not necessarily in this specific order.

City of Ember
Afriad – J.A. Konrath
People of Sparks
Black – Ted Dekker
Prophet of YonWood
Bourne Identity – Robert Ludlum
Diamond of Darkhold
The Book thief
The Art of Running in the Rain
Aleph – Paulo Coelho
Andromeda Strain – Michael Crichton
Clan of the Cave Bear – Jean M. Auel
Creed – James Herbert
House of Reckoning – John Saul
Kiss the Girls – James Patterson
Nightfall – Isaac Asimov
Origin – J.A. Konrath
The Notebook – Nicholas Sparks
A painted house – John Grisham
Along Came a Spider – James Patterson
Blaze – Stephen King
Endurance – J.A. Konrath
Green – Ted Dekker
Harry Potter Philosopher Stone – J.K. Rowling
Inferno – Isaac Asimov
Perfect Nightmare – John Saul
Red – Ted Dekker
The Host – Stephanie Meyer
The Last Song – Nicholas Sparks
The List – J.A. Konrath
The Ninja – Eric Van Lustbader
The Parsifal Mosaic – Robert Ludlum
The Promise – Danielle Steel
The Rats – James Herbert
Up in the Air
White – Ted Dekker
Without Remorse – Clancy
Anna Karenina – Leo Tolstoy
Da Vinci Code – Dan Brown
Disclosure – Michael Crichton
Fifty Shades of Grey – Nicholas Sparks
Fog – James Herbert
Foucault’s Pendulum – Umberto Eco
Guardian – John Saul
Hollowland – Amanada Hocking
House of Reckoning – John Saul
Lost Symbol – Dan Brown
Name of the Rose – Umberto Eco
Sanctuary – Ted Dekker
The Land of Painted Caves – Jean M. Auel
The Presence – John Saul
The Shack
The Testament – John Grisham
The Mammoth Hunters – Jean M. Auel
Twilight – Stephanie Meyer
Under the Dome – Stephen King
Angels and Demons – Dan Brown
Cardinal of the Kremlin – Clancy
The Plains of Passage – Jean M. Auel
Clear and Present Danger – Clancy
Decemption Point – Dan Brown
The Shelters of Stone – Jean M. Auel
Digital Fortress – Dan Brown
Dreamcatcher – Stephen King
Forgotten – David Baldacci
Full dark no stars – Stephen King
Haunted – James Herbert
Hondo – Louis L’Amour
Hunt for Red October – Clancy
Innocent – David Baldacci
Intensity – Koontz
Just after Sunset – Stephen King
Lair – James Herbert
Life Expectancy – Koontz
Needful Things – Stephen King
New Moon – Stephanie Meyer
Odd Thomas – Koontz
Patriot Games – Clancy
Red Rabbit – Clancy
Switched – Amanada Hocking
The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
The Jonah – James Herbert
The Taking – Koontz
Threat Vector – Clancy
Watchers – Koontz
Breaking Dawn – Stephanie Meyer
Doman – James Herbert
Eclipse – Stephanie Meyer
Once – James Herbert
Portent – James Herbert
Pride Runs Deep
The Magic Cottage – James Herbert
The Pilgrimage – Paulo Coelho
The Rising – Left Behind
The Valkyries – Paulo Coelho
Warrior of the Light – Paulo Coelho
The Valley of Horses – Jean M. Auel

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