So, I’ve been working on SEEKING LIGHT AURORA, trying to get the finishing touches put on it so I can release it on December 31st, 2012, at 11:59pm. Though it is not the first manuscript I have finished (currently have two others I wrote first that need to be edited),  it will be my premiere Isaac Hunter release, and my first title made available on the Amazon Kindle Storefront.

I also have even better news.

It came to me the other day, not sure when exactly, that there is more to the story than I capture in SEEKING LIGHT. I actually surprised myself when I sat up yesterday and realized: this is a series! The story line for at least two more books came into view (don’t ask me to explain how that happens – I don’t really know – it just does). I do believe there will be two additional installments of what I’m now calling the Aurora Trilogy. They will be, in order: SEEING LIGHT AURORA, EMBRACING LIGHT AURORA, and ESCAPING LIGHT AURORA.

I don’t believe there will be any additional books after these three, and I am about 60% certain they will all be novella length (about 30,000 each). I’m really excited to see my character blossom, grow, new characters come on the scene – and then, of course, I have a few secrets hidden up my sleeve for the distant future, too. You’ll have to just wait and see for that. 😉

Anyway, please help me get SEEKING LIGHT AURORA ready for release by “LIKING” my Facebook page, and then post on there the three books you consider to be your all time favorites. I’ll head over there right now and post mine.

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