You heard right. I have migrated/upgraded to an independently hosted server and a TLD! In the big time now, eh? 😉 There were several reasons for the move, and it was a step I had actually anticipated awhile back, but I waited until the release of my first book to make the leap. It honestly wasn’t a terribly expensive outlay of capital – $0.99 for the TLD for the first year – free server space at and a few days patching up a wordpress template I had lying around. It’s not perfect, but it has much more flexibility than does.

Needless to say, this site will remain up, but all new information, postings, releases, etc will be through the new site. Why don’t you head on over and get a handle of the new digs. Hope you like em. I’ll try to spend some time and get the place cleaned up for ya. Point your browser to and just click. The computer will do the rest. 😉

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