I had to check some other reviews online about this book, thinking I must have missed something when reading it. But, come to find out, I didn’t missing anything at all.

First off, I read (listened to) the audio book version, and the guy reading it (whether the author or not) was EXTREMELY irritating! The way he laughed, how condescending he was, his inane jokes – it all made for a horrendous experience. Second, there were endless references given to studies and research by others to document and “prove” the theory, but that was as far as the guy went. He never actually got around to spelling out what you were supposed to do or what the 7 secrets actually were. There was a lot of God talk (which I wasn’t opposed to), but let’s get a little more concrete than wishful thinking. At the very end of the book, the author does a summary exercise that seems a little more practical, but not by much.

End the end, unless you want to fork over your money for a half page summary in the back (that you could find online for free anyway), or plan to search out the underlining research in its stead, I wouldn’t bother with this book. It doesn’t motivate at all. In fact, there’s nothing actually in it. Well, some bad jokes.

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