November 21, 2013

Movie Review: 28 Weeks Later

A break out hit (at least in my opinion). The main actor in this sorted little affair is now Mr. Gold on Once Upon a Time. He does much better, I think, as a Zombie than as a evil magician. This sequel brought the rage infection to full tilt, with code reds, torched soldiers, running through the streets of Europe trying to keep a pace ahead of the biters, all the while trying to keep out of the cross hairs of the US Military. That’s all we need, the US on a “peace keeping mission” in Europe. Lovely.

Unfortunately, this will probably be the end of this short run franchise. It really never got its legs and the people responsible for making it seem to be disinterested in the whole subject now. Come on, guys! Don’t leave us hanging here. What? We really need more Hangover movies?

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