All day yesterday I was having a fit because I couldn’t figure out what kind of music I was in the mood to listen to. I would try some Nine Inch Nails: nope. I’d resort to my default of Evanescence: nope. John Mayer, maybe? Not having it. I just couldn’t figure it out, until something reminded me (I don’t even remember what it was) about Natalie Merchant. Yeah, I know. Don’t hate me because I listen to moody chicks.

So I quickly cleared my playlist and fired up Nat’s album, OPHELIA. Effigy started and – oh yeah – that hit the spot. Ever since I was in Europe and I borrowed a buddy’s copy of TIGERLILY, I’ve been in love with Nat Merchant. Wasn’t much of a fan of her time with 10,000 Maniacs, though they did have several songs I liked.

Once she went out on her own, though, Merchant really seemed to blossom, and I think, of her five albums, Ophelia is my favorite. I’m listening to her right now!

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