There’s nothing better than a good movie than a sequel to a good movie that’s even better. I’m coming out of the closet here – as a long time Twilight hater, I have to admit, this movie is just as good as the first, maybe even a little better.

We find poor Bella devastated after Mr. Edward leaves (to protect her) and she starts buddying up to her friend, Jake, out on the reservation. Oh, yeah, he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I have to tell you right now, I’m not a fan of Jacob. But, that is simply because I’m not a fan of the horrible, HORRIBLE acting abilities of Taylor Lautner. He might be the highest payed teen actor in Hollywood, but that just goes to show you, there’s no need for talent in order to make money in this world.

Kristen Stewart, of course, is the reason to watch this series, and she doesn’t disappoint. But, I am more invested in the story of Bella than in Stewart as an actress. I’ve actually never really seen her in anything else that interests me all that much. She was pretty good in Messengers, though I actually had no idea she’d been in it until I looked her up on Wikipedia. Runaways was a good introduction to her, though. Haven’t watched Snow White or On the Road yet. But, I am looking forward to Sils Maria when it comes out. Has Stewart and Moretz in it!

We’re left in the end of Twilight 2 with Bella’s breath caught in her throat. Edward proposes. Until Part 3!

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