“Who will ride with me? Who will be my brother?” Not I, says me. Not I. For this is one God-awful movie. I had high hopes when this flick first came out, just coming off the Twilight Saga with an eye for Stewart. Sadly, it seems, Kristen chose instead to pull a Lautner: no acting ability and an even poorer script.

This flick reminded me of a bad version of Game of Thrones. Even Theron was a disappointment as the Evil Queen. When Snow White gave his ridiculously phoned in speech, shortly after rising from the dead, they staged it all wrong! She doesn’t meet with the Huntsman again until they are getting ready to hit the castle.

I’m not sure who wrote this thing, but hopefully they were fired. I realize the movie made some really good money. Thank God, though, the talks of a sequel have been quelled.

Halfway through I started playing video games and working on paperwork. That’s how dreadfully boring it really is. Don’t waste your time.

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