December 24, 2013

Movie Review: Now You See Me

Writing about the subjects I do, yeah, I was interested in this movie – almost anxious to watch it. Almost. But, by the time the reveal actually happened, I was a little more than disillusioned with the whole plot. The biggest problem for me was there wasn’t enough to sink the hook for me. I spit the hook back out about half way through. Okay, so they pulled a fast one. Okay, so they weren’t doing it just to do it, someone was manipulating them. Who cares. There simply wasn’t enough suspense built for me to care who it was behind the scenes. When the guy you thought was the mastermind also got blindsided, it was just verging on the ridiculous. And what the hell was the French girl in there for. She didn’t serve a purpose at all in the entire movie, other than to have a pretty face to look at.

I like magic (of course, not enough to do it myself or to actually show up to a magic show), but I think much of what was in the movie simply can’t be done, even today. It was like a Chris Angel show on steroids. All pop, no sizzle. The premise was good, though. The casting was great. Other than that, I would have had more fun if I were out sailing.

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