January 12, 2014

Music Review: Lindsey Stirling

Okay. I have to say, it’s really been a while since an artist has literally knocked me off my feet. I think the last one was Birdy, and then she all but flopped with her second album (when she started writing her own songs). But, let me introduce you (if you haven’t discovered her yet) to a breath of fresh air. Someone who has their own sound, their own, unique, twist to creativity. Her name is Lindsey Stirling and I found her on Youtube the other day when I was looking up cello songs. Lindsey doesn’t play the cello, but rather has been playing the violin for much of her life. She’s also quite gifted at several other things: dance, making her own wardrobe, video editing (she makes all her own videos). She first tried her hand at breaking into the music business the normal way, but was blocked at every turn, being told there was no market for what she did. She then went on Youtube and cut out the middleman altogether, going straight to the fans. Now she’s about to go on tour and has been around the world, and (I think) has some of the best music videos on Youtube.

She’s also currently on the Youtube show called DanceOn.com. Check it out!

Here is a playlist. Have a listen. You won’t regret it. She will immediately be a favorite of yours, just like she now is for me. I currently have her on continual repeat-shuffle on my media player.

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